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        Anhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!

        The new year's Party of the quality inspection department and the technology department was a comple


         On December 31, 2021, the new year's Day League building party jointly organized by the quality inspection department and the technology department was grandly held in Youyi Village Hotel. The party kicked off in the new year's greetings from general manager Bai Baodong

           Chen Rongrong and sun Zhiping's duet "I only feel for you" in the opening technology department brought a happy atmosphere into the scene,

        Subsequently, Zhang Haidong and Chen Weiguo from the quality inspection department sang "my good brother", which added a harmonious feeling

        The humorous and vivid performance of the sketch "gambling king for hegemony" triggered bursts of laughter

        Then the small game organized (you compare, I guess) pushed the whole party to a climax,

            Won bursts of applause on the scene; Many other programs have also received unanimous praise. Applause and cheers broke out one after another, and the stage became a passionate ocean. The technology department and quality inspection department expressed their feelings for Tiankang family with their sincere performance and enthusiastic singing

          The more than two-hour team building party ended in the chorus of the technology department. This party not only brought joy to the audience, but also provided a platform for the employees of the two departments to show themselves and communicate with each other. The smile of approval on the audience's face is the best reward and evaluation for this dedicated performance.

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